About Sell Celebrity Photos

SellCelebPhotos.com was founded by a team with experience in the internet, photography, licensing and distribution, as well as mainstream media that came together with a shared vision to create an emergent solution to today's media distribution reality. The goal is to provide a transparent pipeline to effectively supply today's Tier One Media with a mix of professional and amateur media, a platform to provide level footing and ease of use for both buyers and sellers of photos, videos, and news stories. SellCelebPhotos.com is the first part of this vision.

Regarding Celebrity Privacy Concerns

We recognize the duality of todays celebrity oriented culture, that celebrities benefit from the demand they create, yet can also be imprisoned by it when invasive photo-taking practices are employed.

SellCelebPhotos.com fully respects and honors the rights of both sides, and is committed to being part of the solution. SellCelebPhotos.com will refuse distribution to all media that is deemed to cross the line, and reserves the right to deny any photos at our own discretion. We are firmly against recent trends of invasive photo taking practices, whether by amateurs or paparazzi, and believe that by creating a marketplace for natural photos to be sold and distributed, that forceful means will have less of an incentive to be practiced.

Furthermore, SellCelebPhotos.com will also adhere to a new practice of giving the celebrity the option of making a "P" with their hand to signal that the photo taker is being invasively. Such photos where a celebrity is making a "P" with their hand, will not be sold, licensed, or distributed. We refuse to let our low-cost, wide broadcasting distribution system perpetuate invasive practices. Such photos will have to be sold through more expensive rival sites, or through the more cumbersome practice of individually trying to sell them to media.

Our hope is that celebrities will not abuse this practice, and make themselves available for photos to be taken by respectful photographers. We also invite other media to employ this practice, and for the public to become aware of published photos where the paparazzi "P" is being displayed by the celebrity.

Contact us at SellCelebPhotos@gmail.com

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